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At NOUVO Mode we are experienced and extremely passionate after 12 years of excellence in business. We are professionals whose expertise will help you to find and develop your creative voice into the channels that are important to you and most relevant to your business channel. Founded in 2007, we have championed world class brands to bring them success and to where they belong, in the spotlight. We will leverage your unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver the right consumers and audience to you. Our team offers unparalleled creative solutions to all of our clients, and we are determined to see every project through to exceed expectations and find success.


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 Our personalized and patented Sales services will put your business in the top ranking of where you dream to be. Sales Representatives are an integral part of any business - we have developed a roadmap to season and train individuals to follow the NOUVO Mode path to success and we can train, share and impart this in a personalized way to grow your business in a meaningful way. Developing brand awareness is the key success within any market and we have taken billion dollar brands down this path with incredible results that we would love to share with you. Nouvo Mode's primary duties as an acting sales team is to peak the interest of potential retailers and purchasing agents, as well as developing strategies and teams internally to achieve success. We ensure that quality representation of each individual brand is achieved through teamwork, passion, consistency & quality customer service.


Our Marketing services are proven to be the absolute best-in-class in today’s modern, ever changing and highly competitive market. The elite marketing services that we specialize in will enable your business to accelerate at the highest level and will ensure to increase your exposure in your business vertical. Nouvo Mode has painstakingly developed solid and long-standing relationships with high level magazine publications, media outlets, and top shelf online media venues to ensure secure and strong brand representation throughout every possible avenue.

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Looking for Business Analysis services? This is what we are known for. After years of success and experience, we know exactly what it takes to differentiate you from the crowded and highly competitive market in your target industry. With our team of elite and specialized experts, no task is too large for us to elevate your business to the highest level. We are driven, dedicated, highly skilled and will work relentlessly to achieve the results that you desire.


In addition to sales and marketing strategies, Nouvo Mode specializes in creating long lasting and impactful business relationships. The result of partnering with us has always been to achieve this while simultaneously developing and strengthening our partners as robust and successful small business entities within our client’s real estate. Everything from sales reports, statistics and techniques are analyzed, revised and diligently monitored to ensure optimum growth and longevity. We are constantly refining, expanding and elevating every business we are invested in by exerting our competitive edge, being aware and recognizing the changes in sales, pricing and production of our competitors to ensure the strongest growth in revenue.

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Alex & Ani

“Embrace the Power of Positivity”

Alex and Ani, the eco-friendly, lifestyle brand that hails from Rhode Island, shares a message of positive energy with its devotees. From it’s powerful symbolism and meaningful charms that can be found in collections of patented signature wire bangles, rings and necklaces, to its rapidly growing reach both domestically and internationally, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for the wearer to express their individuality in an organic, spiritual way.

Philip Stein

“Wear your Wellbeing”

All Philip Stein products are embedded with our proprietary Natural Frequency Technology® which acts like a finely tuned antenna, harnessing beneficial natural frequencies of the Earth and channeling them to the body to help you feel less stress, more energy and sleep better.


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We care a lot about our clients, and we work hard in order to keep them ahead of the curve. Each of our client receives hands on, personalized service, specifically tailored to their each and every need. We want all of our clients to achieve their goals, and then some. We've helped the Brands listed below launch and achieve success in the Canadian Market.

Frederick Constant
Thomas Sabo
Scott Kay
Frederick Goldman
Hera Jewelry

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